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Unity card (UC) is a customer loyalty card. It meets all needs of cardholders, merchants and enterprises with Win-Win-Win. KC accounts are calculated by points. Points are not money and can exchange for products and services of merchant members all around the world.

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Click the icon or scan the QR code to download unity card android mobile app. This is a beta version for virtual trade between unity card members, both merchants and individuals with 2 payment method, QR code and Bump by a reliable Internet, and currently all transactions are virtual until being connected with our real system later. However, the real username can be logged in, but the login password is abcd1234, trade PIN is 4321. Welcome to test it and feed us back! Thank you!

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We are processing withdrawal requests made on: 2/5/2014
We are processing client information submitted on: 2/18/2014
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